The Technology For FCC: Starting with a Child-Centered Approach module was awesome! I’ve been in this field for many years and have never seen an overhead projector used in a day care home. I LOVE the idea of reflecting the works of the children onto the wall and then creating a mural. I really like the idea of giving cameras to the children and allowing them to take photos. As we are often reminded, getting on their level (literally) offers us a perspective that likely will not match our own. Unfortunately the tinkerlab DIY video would not play, but I look forward to seeing how you can build your own light table. I’d like it and I am sure the children would also.
I plan to use the idea of framing children’s photos, as gifts to their parents. Not only do I think this would be a nice gift, but also an awesome Segway to conversations with the parents to encourage them to continue exploration through technology with their children, at home.