This training reminded me of the importance of including relevant and anti-biased materials in day care learning environments. I supervise family child care providers and we require that such materials be included in their environments. The materials I see most often include books, dolls of varying ethnicities, clothing and photos. I cannot say that much research, thought and /or effort is put into the selection and usage of the items.
Because most of the providers serve children in their own communities, which are mostly not so diverse, the effort to introduce the children to a variety of cultures and related cultural practices is minimal. Occasionally there will be a food experience, and a previously mentioned, there are books, photos, dolls…,but I cannot say that I see, in lesson plans or during natural learning opportunities, children being introduced to various cultures and related practices. I believe the failure to implement rich culturally relevant and anti-bias materials and teaching is the result of our own lack of knowledge and bias.
As our nation grows and changes, so must our willingness to accept things and people who differ from us. I have been reminded of the importance of this and will work this program year to remind my staff of the importance of the same. Additionally, I will share the resources embedded within this video (particularly those found in eclkc).
Great Module!