The most important concept I learned about communicating with parents is to be an active listener. Sometimes parents are not saying what they want or need to say. Oftentimes it is a situation they are dealing at home with the child, but that behavior is not exhibited by the child during daycare hours.
This situation requires not only active listening, but also a level of skilled questioning.. It is challenging sometimes.

Developing a web page is a very inviting idea. It can save a lot of time when parents are visiting your facility for child placement consideration. It can act as a weeder or a magnet by, simply, answering most of the questions parents may have beforehand.

This section had 2 suggestions I will definitely implement: the use of sending bcc when sending emails to parents. I had pressed the send button be fore I realized I should have done that. (2) Finding an isolated place when parents need than just a synopsis of the day’s activities.