Attending a workshop a few weeks ago, I heard the term “open-ended materials.” I have heard of the open ended question and used it many times. I automatically assumed open-ended materials would yield many outcomes. They allow the imagination to run wild with possibilities. I guess it was just the idea of putting a label on it. It appears to be the same as creativity. There is always room for improvement and I will continue to strive for that with the open-ended materials.
I will continue to look at the spaces in the daycare with more creativity and diversity in mind. The capabilities and limitations of the individual child will also be taken into consideration. There are four children around the same age within a months span; however, their capabilities and development are very different. I will provide more continuity in that area.

Another area that needs improvement is Communicating Through Documentation. There were good suggestions in the module and I will implement some of them.A pictorial of the child’s growth is a great tool when communicating with the parent. We do it with photographs and the parents love it. They thoroughly enjoy seeing the age progression documented. The cognitive and affective growth would give the parents a somewhat kaleidoscopic view of their child.

The module enabled me to understand how my home environment can be improved to better accommodate the daycare children. It is imperative to create a space where the child feels a part of the daycare family, a sense of belonging, safe and the freedom to soar creatively and expand in all areas of growth.