Many of the practices in this module are already in place in my home daycare. Some are not. Several ideas mentioned were very helpful and I will rethink my environment and implement as many improvements as I can to make learning more conducive and spacing more efficient.

Improving the quality and environment of the daycare is always a priority. Therefore rethinking the placement of some of the materials and sections will be a priority. Contemplating different configurations and multiple uses of space will be thought through and discussed with my assistant. We will then implement best practices as well as DAP.

I do not include children in meal prep. I will figure out a plan to do that and try to put it into practice as soon as possible.
I will also make materials available to infants. Normally, I give the cloth books and other appropriate items. After this module, I will place some objects on a lower shelf for the mobile infants. This allows incentive to increase their movement and curiosity.

The major idea or point that impressed me most, was I should rethink how the environment both inside the house and in the yard can be better utilized and reinvented.