In my final reflection concerning using the environment to Communicate and connect with families and Community I have learned many different strategies on how to effective communicate with the families I serve by utilzing my space to create an intimate area for a simple five minute private conversation, or schedule a Parent Meeting either one o one or group at a specified time to host a more organized function where input can be given as to how my Family Child Care Business is doing when it comes to providing quality care to their children and give them feedback on my daily practices etc.

The implementation of a on-going marketing plan, along with the enhancement of establishing more everyday environmental practices into my curriculum are both goals I plan to achieve. The structure and daily input of data when it comes to the meals served, receivables, attendance etc. are all great practices that I will be working towards as currently I am one of those providers who have clutter in my office and typically handle these tasks weekly instead of daily and often find my self in crunch mode .

Social Media is not really my thing and although its evident that there are positives and negatives in most anything you do… I have opened my eyes to the Social Media piece in a more positive way and plan to tackle the Marketing piece of my business goal by creating my first ever “Business Facebook Page.”