The process of change is sometimes more than a small walk through the daycare, there are some objects that no matter what we just can’t let it go!.
this module had a lot to offer, it was very encouraging ,I took it personal ! why? because it was presented by real home day care providers who understand the struggle we face when it comes to transitioning or downsizing even getting rid of outdated materials and equipment, but also understand that professional development is essential to the creativity of our day care’s growth and management. some of the positive challenges I face are that big is not always better, too much in a small space is not a good practice, having a variety of materials that require children to use their small motor skills and encourage the development of self-help skills, I know how easy day care materials, equipment and toys can swallow up your family’s environment. I’m making changes that will foster developmentally appropriate practices , by making changes to the learning environment, being flexible in the spaces, transitioning from day care environment to family environment ,include cultural appropriate books and materials in learning spaces, provide spaces for social emotional development and quietness and keep learning areas organized and plan activities ahead of time, The home day care office will transition also to have a clear space for parents and children . Become more organized in the office with bins and labels. Continuous professional development is a commitment to high quality child care that each family in my care deserves, to meet the needs of the child according to their learning abilities.