In my day care environment the space is integrated for home and daycare ,The dining room is integrated for preschool though school age, the environment consist of age appropriate activities, art, creative writing and language development it gives children with disabilities an opportunity to interact with others and develop within their own ability. The decision to Integrate the area came after a year of not having any Infants enrolled in the day care. Developmental appropriate fit the program, it promotes independents, giving children the opportunities to select and return material, and foster the whole child’s learning abilities and experiences providing flexible spaces ,the toys and materials are at eye level on low shelves for preschooler’s and for school age children the toys and materials and equipment are placed on higher shelves for safety purposes , school age children have a space in the Blue room (bedroom) where home work area was created consisting of a table and two chairs, materials are accessible, taking care of materials and the environment makes children responsible, the environment has a separate space for peace and quiet in the blue room.