There were so many things to think about when using Technology in the classroom and for communications. I like the programs that she suggested but I don’t like a few for many reasons. I still have not settled the fact that I could be sued if I posted something a parent doesn’t like or feels it is offensive. The risk must be weighed out her for me.

One of my favorite comments was a quote “Strengthen the parent strengthens the child”. Mr. Rogers Inst. The most important thought was to Engage parents we must meet them where they are. So if parents use text, facebook, email etc to communicate then we need to meet them there. I need to look to see what is in my tool box so I can relate better with the parents. I do use LifeCubby to report everyday to parents but I feel like many are not going in the program to see what is happening. Everyday I am still asked did they eat well, sleep well, did you go outside etc. etc. I find this upsetting because I have to pay for this application and I use it to benefit the parent but I am not sure it is. I find that I must research these pieces of technology and decide which programs work to lessen my work. I am spending hours inputting information and tracking development only to be disappointed by the parent not engaging in the application like I would see them do. I am excited to require some of the training that is available on Town Square for my staff. It is a way that I am sure they are being well trained to meet children’s needs. I also took away that a website is more important than I figured it was. I just hate putting anything on the Internet but in today’s world it is all these people look for.