My space is both integrated and special use. For me the basement has been converted to a CHILD Care. It is very child friendly. Low shelves, many choices. Storage of items for teacher use is in the classroom as well. I have a large kitchen for cooking and messy play. I have a divided room for infants and toddlers and A large library area for children to calm down or be a lone.

I was in college working on my ECE degree when I decided what I would do for my business. It has taken me time to get rid of all the plastic and replace the items with all natural wood items. I have created hat went out of business. This is because I am afraid of dumping coats etc. into a basket. I do have the space for these items but I am always looking to improve my space. I don’t use much on the walls. My color is very calming green with some brown. Our program is designed around the alphabet so all the wall pictures are of the alphabet in different ways. Example: One children who left to go to kindergarten drew me my own alphabet designed by her. I love this picture and cherish it deeply. I have the alphabet in butterfly wings and vegetables representing the alphabet. Each picture hangs in a different center inside the room. I find this is what drives me to keep my stuff organized and clean and of high quality. The benefits are children are more peaceful, they know how to put their toys away, and it is all DAP.