I keep most of toys in boxes on shelves that are low so children can make their choices. I have pictures on the front of the box so they see what is inside. I am in the process of changing to clear boxes. I also have made a table toy choice area. This means when waiting or they have no interest in the centers then they can choose to be at a table toy. We use trays for these items so the pieces do not get lost. I feel I am short on the complex learning. I am so afraid of the children falling if they leave stuff just laying about. I made a rule that when you are done with a toy it must be put away for another child to be able to choose that item. I can see how I am stopping that imagination play if they take it to that level. I feel this is the items are lost or scattered about the room. I am going to try and rethink this a bit. My assistant is just the opposite of me the messier the room is the happier she feels. I am not like this. I like organized areas with play going on. I feel like I can extend play easily but asking more questions and giving the children more related items the next day. It’s not about causing a mess it is about reaching children to think deeper. Safety is always first for me. I need to reevaluation this fear and see if I can loosen up a little.