Interesting Webinar!! There were many ideas and useful suggestions and tips for every level of providers, whether new to childcare or a veteran teachers. Sharing ideas and practices is the best way to influence change. Ideas shared on the outside environment, setting up various areas in the home environment, engaging in developmentally appropriate practices and making spaces meaningful were most magnetizing. I will reevaluate my spaces and improve where need.

The outside environment information was most impressive. All of the reasons for doing this were reemphasized were made very clear. It is imperative to the child’s health and development. Much of this info I knew; however, it has become a more urgent practice to fully implement.
I will also look into the outdoor classroom to see what might be feasible for my backyard environment.

The idea of controlling the environment by selecting what to include in it sounds more appealing than trying to control the child. It is easy to see how less control over the child is directly related to what is put into the environment.

Lastly, organization is key to the business aspect, the environment and the community at large. Anticipate problems, actions and concerns as much as possible.