Connecting with families through various means and events can enhance parent – provider relationships. It can also bring other families in the daycare closed together. IT CREATES A WIN WIN ATMOSPHERE for all involved.
I will think through how and what events to use in order to accomplish this goal. I especially like the open house concept to highlight learning and the parents’ topic nights. These two I will definitely put in place as soon as the details are worked through.
Parents are always happy to see their child in learning and play situations where there is a sense of happiness, contentment and or concentration. A pictorial documentation of such is one of the ways our daycare promotes marketing and connecting with the families, This pictorial book is given to parents as Christmas gifts. Their praise is endless. It is a memories of their child that will be treasured for many years.
Interaction with our families and community is going to be our major focus in promoting the daycare and building stronger ties with our environment. In brainstorming ways to make this happen we will consider:
Having a parents’ night out.
A parent /child pot luck.
A project-a-rama for by the children with show-and- tell for parents.
A picnic.
Creating a Facebook page.

Above all, our major function is to create a safe, loving, caring, nurturing environment that instantly communicates this to the parents and community.