I truly enjoyed this module on communicating and connecting with families. After time it is always good to think of new ways to foster parental participation and inclusion into the program. I especially liked the in formation on using social media and technology to keep parents in the loop on how the children are spending their day. Currently, I use photos and will text, but the suggestion of using Face Time adds a whole new layer for parents and the child and takes communication to and even higher level. I will definitely start to incorporate these ideas into my program.

Additionally, I appreciate having information on how the BAS came about. It was frustrating to not have something like PAS that was tailored to specific needs of Family Child Care Providers. Everything seemed to cater to the Center Based programs. As a FCCP, I appreciate the opportunity and consideration of the BAS and hope to see even more opportunities created for FCCP’s to grow professionally. I attended the Taking The Lead Cohort in 2015 and learned so much. It is my hope that more college credit options will be made available to FCCP’s online (similar to this webinar) so that we too can gain the credits we need to continue growth on the career lattice. Everyone may not be in pursuit of a college degree, but would like to attain credits toward a credential.