Young children often have a hard time changing activities when they are engaged in what they are doing. This can be challenging because you may want to follow a schedule, but children may not be ready to move on. One of the advantages of family child care is the flexibility to alter your schedule. You can allow more time for a child to finish before moving on. When the children are happy and engaged it’s fine to follow their lead. When you do have to move on it is important to give children plenty of time and verbal cues in order to allow the time they need to transition.This can take some children longer than others so be patient and follow the needs of the child.

You should start preparing young children for a  transition as early as 10-15 minutes before its time. Say things like “We are going to be going outside to play soon” Its also a good idea to have a consistent final cue. You might sing a clean up song, play certain music, clap a rhythm or make up something that works and use that every day at transition time.