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Raising Our Future: America’s Child Care Dilemma

As our economy recovers, we know that our child care infrastructure remains in crisis. We must invest in our care system with our children’s futures at stake. Accessible, affordable, high-quality child care allows families to work and offers babies the nurturing learning environment they need for healthy development. It helps build a future for our families, our economy and our nation.

The PBS NewsHour, one of the nation’s most trusted nightly news sources, has produced an upcoming week-long series on child care in the United States entitled Raising Our Future: America’s Child Care Dilemma. The series is scheduled to run in five segments over the course of the week of July 12th.

Each segment will have a specific focus that will be covered in a 7-10 minute package and we anticipate that the particular needs of infants and toddlers will be woven throughout the series. Learn more at the series web page and join us in promoting the series and its resources as part of our efforts to expand an understanding of this critical issue. 

Let’s recognize young children as our greatest resource and add your voice to the growing urgency around the need to address this very real crisis.



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