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Finance during Covid-19: Tom Copeland

With the uncertainties that the Covid-19 pandemic brings, family childcare providers are facing many challenges; one of the biggest challenges is the livelihood of their business, especially as for many providers, this is their only form of income. Tom Copeland is a consultant and advocates for the business of family childcare who is providing legal advice to help answer questions and offer insight for providers to survive this pandemic fiscally.

An Update on the Financial Impact of the COVID-19 on Family Child Care Providers

  • Stimulus checks
  • SBA forgivable loan programs
  • Unemployment
  • Other help on the way?


Prerecorded webinar on “Dealing with the Financial Side of the Coronavirus.” Addressing many issues including: insurance, unemployment, sick days, changing contracts, federal and state responses to the virus, and the steps you can take to help you minimize the loss of income on your 2020 tax return.

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